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Xiaomi Mi 3
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Xiaomi’s flash sale creates a black market of Mi 3 smartphones in India

Thinking about which phone to buy can be a tough decision to make but buying a phone after finalizing is not at all tough....
Xiaomi Mi Band
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Xiaomi launches Mi Band Fitness Tracker at just $13

After the huge success of Mi Smartphones, Xiaomi is all set to launch its Mi Band on 18th of August 2014. The most talked...
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AXGIO Neon N1 with Neonado OS coming soon

Axgio a Chinese manufacture is ready to re-enter the mobile market with their latest offering Neon N1.The company has officially announced that the phone...
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UMI C1 Quad-Core killer??

UMI a brand which is trending among Chinese has been in a race to acquire top position in their own market .They produce Flagships...
Xiaomi RedMi Note pre-order
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G LTE Sold Out Within the First 35 Seconds of Release!

They say that any press is good press, and it has certainly rung true; particularly for the quickly escalating Xiaomi company; a popular Chinese-based...
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Update for MIUI V6 will be available for Xiaomi for Mi2 and Mi2S this week

Xiaomi is considering to release an update for its smartphones Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi 2S during this week. The update version is MIUI v.6....
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Bong is confident amid competition by cheaper wristbands by Xiaomi

Despite the fact that the Xiaomi has also launched wristband similar to Bong’s wristbands, the wristband manufacturer Bong is confident that its products will...
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Noain M6 with Naked Eye 3D screen hits market

Noain might be one of the most easily mistaken brands there is due to people mixing it up with Nokia, but it has managed...
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Specs of MTK’s first 64-bit chip revealed, supports 720p screens and 1080p codec

Early next year, MTK will release their first 64-bit LTE chip, the MT6735. Among other things this chipset supports CDMA/EVDO China Telecom internet.  ...
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India Giving Competition to the Chinese Smarphone Vendors with Panther

India’s Mobile Manufacturers are offering their smartphones against the stiff competition by the Chinese Manufacturers. Will the Indian smartphones will give the chinese vendors...