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The Poulo X606-R1 coming soon: Has a two-sided glass case design, octa-core processor, and 2GB RAM

Poulo recently introduced a new phone that copies OPPO’s R1 series with its two-sided glass design, the Poulo X606-R1.  It’s available in black and...
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Photos of Motorola Moto X+1 published: Has 1080p screen, 2GB RAM and 16GB/32GB/64GB memory space

While Motorola’s newest flagship phone was not assembled in the United States like the Moto X, it looks it could attract a lot of...
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White Memo U5S released, only costs 699 RMB (112.14 USD)

ZTE has recently released a white edition of their 3G smart phone, the U5S. Unlike the black and white color scheme used by the...
iPhone 6-gold-02
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Youtube video revealed the iPhone 6 specs

A video posted on YouTube has revealed the specs of the upcoming iPhone 6 device. According to the video, the iPhone 6 will be...
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Apple Hong Kong confirms that Jimmy Lin has use the real iPhone 6 device

We have covering the news about the Taiwanese artists Jimmy Lin who showing the new Apple iPhone 6 device, but  we writing those news...
Core 2
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Samsung Galaxy Core 2 and Galaxy Pocket 2 is leaked in Vietnam

Samsung is now ready to release the update version of Galaxy Core and Galaxy Pocket, the smartphone is now leaked from Vietnam online shop,...
ViVo Xshot-review-00
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Review: Vivo XShot has the good quality smartphone-camera

Vivo has been released the new Vivo Xshot at Beijing last month, this phone is becoming the new flaghsip 4G  smartphone in the market....
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Lei Jun on the Mi 3’s price drop to 1499 RMB (240.87 USD): Don’t like it? Don’t buy it!

Today, Xiaomi announced that they would hold promotional sales event for the summer. They will lower the Mi 3’s price to 1499 RMB (240.87...
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The reasons why Xiaomi lowered the price of the Mi 3 from 1699 RMB (273 USD) to 1499 RMB (240.78 USD)

This week, everyone is at home watching the World Cup Series. Weibo is filled with World Cup tags. But Xiaomi has been unwilling to...
ZTE Nubia Z7 dual-card
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The Nubia Z7 smartphone is exposure with Snapdragon 805 and Dual SIM card slot

ZTE has ready to release their new premium smartphone Nubia Z7, this phone is not release yet but  we have the leaked of screenshot...