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Comparison between Xiaomi Mi3 vs Sony Xperia Z1 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and LG G2

Xiaomi Mi3 has been hot the Chinese market recently, while the other flaghsip smartphone is also heading to Chinese market and will available soon,...
PiPO Tablet
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Short review of PiPO Platinum M9 Android tablet

Today, there is a lot of retina display tablet on the market, since Apple has been release the new iPad with Retina Display technology,...
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Meizu MX3 benchmark test is here

On September 2nd, Meizu has been unveiled their new flaghsip smartphone at new conference held in Beijing Water Square, and now we have a...
meizu mx3 antutu benchmark score
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Meizu MX3 Antutu Benchmark Score: The Competitor Of Samsung Galaxy S4

  Tonight, Meizu MX3 will launch with Samsung Exyons 5410 processor. The main chipset is similar like Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, so when Meizu MX3...
sunnycube k7
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Another HTC ONE Clone Phone Hands-on

In my opinion, HTC ONE is most beautiful smartphone in 2013 so far. Because of the complex manufacturing process , there is few copy...
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Short review: Teclas P89 Mini Android tablet device

Teclas P89 Mini i one of the tablet device, after we’ve covered this device recently, is now we have short review about Teclas P89...
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Huawei Honor 3, Android smartphone with water proff capability

September this year, a new machine is destined to bursting period in September this short period of 30 days, there are new products, there...
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New reliable store available

Many people struggles to find a reliable store to buy their products. We have the solution for you!
faea f2s
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Faea F2s White NFC-Phone Hands-on

Faea F2s is another a 5-inch 1080P screen phone, the solid quality and extra NFC feature get lots of user’s positive feedback. The F2s...
sunnycube n9600
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Defeat ZOPO ZP990, Sunnycube N9600 6-inch Phablet Hands-on

Most China phone manufacturer product bigger screen phablet now, ZOPO luanched the new flagship phone ZOPO ZP990 early this month. Just a few weeks,...