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Motorola MotoE-01
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Motorola Moto E specs is leaked!

After acquired by lenovo, Motorola is trying to make a big move to offers budget smartphone, after Motorola Moto G, is now the company...
HTC One M8-9
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The upcoming HTC One M9 will packs with Optical Zoom capability

While we all know that HTC is already release their new flagship smartphone HTC One M8 to the market, the Taiwanese company is also...
meizu mx3
Android, Gadget, Meizu, News

Meizu is preparing the new flagship smartphone to compete with Xiaomi 4

According to the recent news, Meizu is ready to preparing their new flagship smartphone, those phone will be powered by MT6595 based processor, there...
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iFive Mini 3GS is ready to hit the market with octa-core processor

While we ever covered the iFive Mini tablet before, there is nthe news that iFive Mini will comes with upgrade version, that tablet device...
ChangHong HonPhoneZ-01
Android, Gadget, News

ChangHong HonPhone Z9H comes with Dual 3G and 5000 mAh battery

ChangHong is the one of electronic manufacturer from China and now they also entering smartphone market, on last September, Changhong has unveiled their HoPhone...
OnePlus One-render-01
Android, Gadget, News, Oneplus

OnePlus One smartphone picture is leaked again with screenshot image

While OnePlus is ready to release their new smartphone on April 23rd, according to recent reports, the OnePlus One smartphone will comes with 16GB...
Android, Gadget, Huawei, News

Huawei H300 Will Power 8-core HiSilicon K3V3 Processor

Huawei is ready to release their new flagship smartphone, Huawei Ascend P7. While we are waiting fot the next upcoming Huawei smartphone, the rumor...
ZTE V5 smartphone
Android, Gadget, News, ZTE

The first 50,000 unit of ZTE V5 smartphone is sold out in just 17 second

ZTE has officially launch the ZTE V5 smartphone on April 9, and now after 10 days, the ZTE has selling the ZTE v5 on...
Android, Gadget, News, Oneplus

OnePlus One smartphone will offers for 2199 yuan price or $353 US

While we have heard the news about the selling system of OnePlus one smartphone is using invitation system, and now we also get the...
MeizuMAX tablet
Android, Gadget, Meizu, News

Meizu is ready to launch Meizu Max tablet devices

While Xiaomi is ready to release Xiaomi MiPad tablet device, Meizu is also ready to unveiled their tablet. This rumor has been spread since...