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iPhone 6
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Do You Like This New iPhone 6 Concept Picture?

We have gotten new iPhone 6 concept picture from a India website, it is coming out with a Apple iPhone 6 Concept Device launched...
NO.1 S7
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NO.1 phone S7 Several Great Features You Need Know

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be listed in the worldwide April 11, known as exactly the same with the Samsung S5, NO.1 phone S7  also...
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Android 4.4.3 is available, but still has several bugs

Many smartphone manufacturers are trying to upgrade their system to Android 4.4.2, and now there is a rumor, there is a leaked version of...
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Hosin V5, quad core Android smartphone with 3,000 mAh battery capacity

Haosin has release the two impresive smartphone, that’s the Hosin V90 and V908 Android smartphone. The phone has nice design and has impressive form...
Mi Key-02
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Xiaomi has release the Mi Key just for 4,9 yuan ($1 USD)

Xiaomi has unveiled the new accessories, that’s called as Mi Key, those accessories can be used as trigger for flashlight, camera and sound recording.
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Microsoft release Surface Mini with 7.5 inch screen size?

Microsoft has been launch their first Surface tablet on 2012, and now Microsoft is continue to release the new several tablet under the name...
Xiaomi campus-01
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Xiaomi is planning to built their own campus in Beijing

The one of Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi is planning to built their own campus in Beijing. The company has sign of memorandum of understanding...
ZTE Grand S II
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ZTE Grand S II is rumored to have 4GB of RAM

According to rumored that spread through the Net, the ZTE Grand S II will sports with the 4GB of RAM, if this true, the...
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HTC Exec slams Samsung as the “cheap plastic” phone

Early rumor is says that Samsung will using the metal body in their new Galaxy S5 smartphone, but as we can see on the...
Apple iPhone Display
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iPhone 6 will be released on September with 4,7 inch and 5,5 inch screen size

The upcoming iPhone 6 will be released on September, this rumor is spread from Nikkei reports that the Apple’s LD supply chain is increase...