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Xiaomi Mi3 will be available in two chipset options

After a leak picture of Xiaomi Mi3 rcently, is now finally Xiaomi has announced officially. The new Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone is the latest...
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Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 10.1 with octa-core processor

Along with Galaxy Note 3, Samsung is also unveiled the new Galaxy Note 10.1 Android tablet, this tablet is packs with 10.1 inch large...
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Qualcomm is also launch SmartWatch device

Qualcomm is the chipset company that is now join to Smartwatch market, following Sony and Samsung, seems Qualcomm  is trying to compete in smartwatch...
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Alcatel One Touch Idol X, quad-core Android phones with slim body

Alcatel has rrecently launched its latest smartphone called One Touch Idol X. This smartphone is an Android device with a 5-inch screen full HD...
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HTC One Max leaked picture

We’ve got the leaked picture of HTC One Max, this phone is enter the phablet category since has large screen size, this picture is...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is finally release

Samsung has been introducing and offcially released their new flagship smartphone (in fact this is the phablet device), Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on the...
Xiaomi Lumia-01
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GFX Bench revealed that Xiaomi Mi3 powered by Tegra 4 CPU

Xiaomi Mi3 which reportedly will be the latest flagship smartphone from Xiaomi, and now we have a leaked information about the Xiaomi Mi 3...
OPPO N1 screen
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The new OPPO N1 will use 5,9 inch screen size

As we’ve mentioned before, that OPPO is preaprig the camera phone device to compete with the rival against camera phones like the Nokia Lumia...

Lenovo CEO shares $3.25 million of his bonus with employees

Lenovo has a good performance in the market this year. As a result, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing also get a huge bonus from the...
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Google teases Android 4.4 as ‘KitKat’

The next version of new Google mobile OS is called KitKat or also known as Android 4.4 OS. Google’s SVP Sundar Pichai says; “It’s...