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RedMi Note-01
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RedMi Note, the new phablet phone from Xiaomi

After we’re heard many news about the upcoming RedMi smartphone, the phone is also called as RedMi 2, but the Xiaomi is officially renamed...
ZTE The9 FunBox
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ZTE The9 Funbox specs is exposure

After we’ve revealed the new ZTE The9 FunBox device recently, and now we have a leaked specs of that FunBox devices.
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Gionee V185 packs with 4350 mAh battery capacity

While for now, Lenovo has offers higher battery in their products, the Lenovo P780 which is offers with 4000 mAh battery and now there...
Lenovo A10-50
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New Lenovo IdeaTab lineup, appear with MTK Processor

Lenovo is now unveiled their new IdeaTab A series tablet device, those tablet is sold on Italian online store, there is three tablet device...
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Xiaomi Mi3S is rumored to have more nice design and smaller than Mi3

While for now, Xiaomi has planning to unveiled their new Android smartphone on April 9th, the phone is the upgrade version from Xiaomi Mi3...
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Nokia X hit 1 million pre-order in China

After we’ve covered the news about Nokia X before, and now we get the new information that the Nokia X is successfully reach 1...
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Lenovo A850+ heading to Chinese market

Lenovo is ready to release the new Lenovo A850+ smartphone, this is the upgrade version from the previous model A850, the new smartphone will...

Alibaba starting U.S. IPO (Intial Public Offering) process

Alibaba is known as the biggest e-commerce company in China, and now they launched the process for initial public offering (IPO) in United States,...
Nubia X6 OIS camera
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The example picture taken by ZTE nubia X6 camera

ZTE is ready to release the next-generation of Nubia smartphone, according to some sources, the conference will be held on March 25th, the event...
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Google smartwatch will release by LG in June

According to Sundar Pichai, Google has been announed that they ready to unveiled their smartwatch device on March 23rd, and the smartwatch will be...