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iPhone5mod release iPhone 5 transparent cover

iPhone5Mod is one of iPhone 5 accessories and peripherals manufactrer, has been release iPhone 5 cover modification kit to make your iPhone 5 component...
Meizu EP20S

The new Meizu EP20S earplugs official release

Meizu Technology has been introduction of the new multifunctional headphones EP20S, this new upgrades from the the Meizu classic headphones EP20, more compact and...
Apple, Gadget

Apple allow Chinese manufacturer to built Lightning data cable

We,ve covered the news about Apple that won’t third-party manufacturer to built lightning cable used on the iPhone 5. But the good news emerged...
Apple, Gadget

Lots of iPad Mini case unveiled by Chinese website

While we don’t have official release from the Apple, but the case of iPad Mini has been revealed on the net, the source from...