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Google does not allow manufacturers to customize the new skin for Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV

According to PCWorld website, Google Android smart phone loses the control of the user interface, but in the face of wearable devices, Android TV...
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Meizu MX3 and MX2 get FlyMe OS based on Android KitKat

FlyMe OS is the one of Android custom ROM that developed by Meizu and now that custom ROM has been update which uses Android...
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Android got 81% of world phone market share in Q3 2013

Android continues to dominate the smartphone market. And in the third quarter of 2013, a total of 81.3 % of the Android smartphone to...
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Google teases Android 4.4 as ‘KitKat’

The next version of new Google mobile OS is called KitKat or also known as Android 4.4 OS. Google’s SVP Sundar Pichai says; “It’s...
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Android 4.3, improve camera interface and more.

According to an internal sources, the upcoming release of Android 4.3 system is also built on the core system application interface has been updated....
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Jelly Bean makes a steady climb away from Ice Cream Sandwich

Android phone users who use Jelly Bean version is increase. Even in the latest data, the number of users of Android Jelly Bean are...
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Yet another HTC Sense 5.0 leaked picture

After we’ve covered the news about the new HTC Sense UI 5.0, is now we have a couple of leaked screenshot picture of another...
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Androi 4.x OS raise 40 percent in the global market

In early 2013, the Android operating system is starting to show the changes. Android Gingerbread OS as the mose popular Android OS began to...
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Robin Li: Baidu Yi mobile operating system 100% compatible with Android

Baidu CEO Robin Li to make a public statement on the Google Ali cloud OS, called “Baidu easy” operating system is in the Android...