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Meizu released MX2 firmware to fix the problem

Meizu has been released the new firmware to fix the noise problem in the Meizu MX2 Android smartphone.
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Kay CarPad F8 and F8 Mini offers with HD display

Kay has been focusing on manufacturing large-screen smartphone, while they has been released the F6 Land Rover Series and now they ready to introducing...
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The picture of DOOV iEVA D50 smartphone

DOOV iEva D50 is the one of female smartphones from domestic manufacturer, this phone is recent listing of new products, targetting for business women.
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Detail Picture of ZTPad N6 Android smartphone

We’ve ever covered the Zenithink ZTPad before, this is one of the smartphone products come from domestic manufacturer, the interesting think for this smartphone...
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Nubia Z5, Meizu MX2 and Oppo Ulike 2, Which is thinner ?

Before now we have see the Meizu MX2 and Oppo Ulike2 while CoolPad HD9960 as a thinner smartphone and after ZTE Nubia Z5 available...
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Oppo Ulike 2 is now available in Chinese market

After we’ve covered about Oppo Ulike 2 last month, This phone is targeted for female user. The device has a 5 megapixel front facing...
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100% Internet Phone, packs with Baidu Cloud apps and Qualcomm S4 dual-core chipset

It’s quite weird when we heard the name of this phone, yess the name of this Androis smartphone is “100% Internet Phone“, this phone...
Konka W970-01
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Konka W970 4.5-inch dual-core Android smartphone

Back on September 2012, Konka has been unveiled their first  in a series of Konka W960 launch flagship outstanding screen performance and camera functions.
Xiaomi Free Phone-01
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Get the Xiaomi Unicom version for free until December 25th, 2013

Xiaomi has been claimed in their official microblogging site, from now until December 25th, as long as you save 2599 yuan Unicom calls, you...
ZOPO ZP950-01
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ZOPO ZP950, 5.7 inch Android smartphone with 1,999 yuan price

While we have covered the news about ZOPO Leader Max before, is now we happy to inform you about the good news, because ZOPO...