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The picture of Meizu MX2 leaked again

After we’ve covered few rumors and news about the new Meizu MX2 smartphone, and now we got the new leaked picture of Meizu MX2...
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Xiaomi has sold 850.000 unit smartphone this month

Xiaomi today announced of Xiaomi 1S Youth version of the eighth round of open purchase a total of 200,000 18-minute sold out, 850,000 mobile...
HTC X020e-03
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HTC X920e with 5-inch screen and waterproof Android smartphone scored Exposure

The new Android smartphone came from HTC, equiped with a 5-inch Full HD touch screen as the first, HTC X920e will soon officially released...
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The DOOV iEva D9, dual-core Android smartphone for female user

For a while now, the smartphone manufacturer is made their product mostly for men rather than for mowan, while there is some manufacturer making...
Ginwave GNote2-01
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Ginwave GNote 2 with 5.3 inch screen size

While the larger screen smartphone becomeing more popular since 2012, and many smartphone manufacturer is now trying to offers larger screen for their products....
HTC Deluxe-02
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The picture of HTC Deluxe exposure

HTC J-Butterfly, the 5-inch screen size smartphone from HTC has been launched in japan on October, for the United States market this phone has...
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Meizu MX2 is espected release on mid-December

After we’ve covered the news about Meizu MX2 will be released on November 27, but the other news says the new generation of Meizu...
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ViVO X1 beat the Oppo Find 5 as the world thinnest Android smartphone

After we’ve covered the news about Oppo Find 5 as the thinnest Android smartphone in the world is now thats title was beat by...
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ISA Aisin A19, 4.7-inch smartphone with dual core technology

ISA Aisin Dickson Flextronics Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., after the establishment of the company has launched a variety of feature phones and smart phones,...
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Short review of Xiaomi MI2 Android smartphone

While there are some people has get pucrhase their Xiaomi MI2 smartphone on domestic market, the anonymous user has been review his Xiaomi MI2...