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Asus Pafone 2 leaked again

Asus announced that they will officially introduce Padfone 2 on October 16th. However, the appearance of picture and video of that device has appeared...
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Mimi PAD3, 6-inch smartphone with MTK6577 chipset

Most user today need larger screen device, and we have another 6-inch smartphone from domestic market, thats called Mimic PAD3, this is the upgrade...
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WOHTC Taipower G36 powered with dual-core processor and 5.3 inch screen

WOHTC is the Chinese smartphone manufacturer which has been unveiled the new products called Taipower G36, this phone has a good hardware quality and...
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200.000 unit Xiaomi 2 ready to sold on October 18th

Xiaomi Mi2 is the second generation of Xiaomi smartphone, has been launched and at that launching of its Xiaomi Mi2 was very successful with...
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The picture and specification of Dream X smartphone revealed

It seems the Sundance Kid has good prepared for the introduction of their new smartphone. And now they officially announced on the forum about...
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The new HTC DLX leaked on the net

HTC recently has been leaked the picture of phablet device, but perhaps the new 5.0-inch smartphone debut will stop its decline. Recently, an active...
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360 Jingdong Mall offers Deovo V5 smartphone for only 1499 yuan

360 Jingdong Mall is ready to offers upcoming quad-core smartphone, after we’ve covered the news, today we have official confirmation from 360 Jingdong Mall,...
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Oppo Find 5 with 1080 HD screen leaked on the Net

OPPO Find 5 is become a hot rumor, this phone will packed with 1080p HD screen sdisplay and good specs of hardware configuration, Sina...
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The picture of HTC One VX leaked with 4.5-inch screen size

HTC is preparing the new HTC One series, and today we caught the new HTC One-series through the leaked picture, this new Android smartphone...
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CNN report that Oppo Finder is the thinnest phone than iPhone 5

We all know that Apple has been lauched their new iPhone 5 smartphone, they claim that iPhone 5 is the thinnest phone for now,...