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Newman N2 real-01
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The detail picture of Newman N2 smartphone

The Newman N2 smartphone has been announced, while we have show you a couple picture of Newman N2 smartphone, and now we have a...
Huawei Honor2 quad
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Huawei Honor 2 quad-core smarthone price exposure

After we’ve covered the news about Huawei Honor 2 on last month, is now time to tell you aboyt the good news, because we’ve...
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LG show off QSlide, the new multitasking tool for LG Optimus G

If the Galaxy Note II has multitasking features  by dividing the screen into multiple windows, the LG Optimus G also has a similar feature....
ZTE U960S3-01
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ZTE U960s3 with 4.3 inches MT6517 dual-core smartphone

ZTE is one of popular manufacturer from domestic market, is now they are ready to release custom smartphone for China Mobile through their new...
VIVO X1-01
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VIVO X1 equipped with MTK6577 dual-core processor

While we are facing to next quad-core smartphone on the market, the dual-core smartphone is still exist and one of domestic manufacturer is trying...
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The picture of JiaYu G3 silver edition photo gallery

The JiaYu G3 is recently very popular smartphone with MTK6577 dual-core chipset, in addition to equipped with dual-core processor, this phone also sports with...
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PHICOMM I800 Android smartphone, packs with cloud reader services

Companies with PHICOMM and READERS the advantages of strong brands jointly build the China’s first cooperating smartphone called i800 whose name is love combined...
ZTE Acqua II
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The leaked picture of ZTE V880F, 4 inch dual-core Android smartphone

Back in early July, there is a rumors about ZTE will lauch their low-cost dual-core smartphone namely ZTE 880 series, and now we got...
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The Dream X boot animation video

After we’ve covered the Dream X is one of dual-core smartphone from demostic market, this phone is already officially announce by Subor as the...
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Newman N2 has the same specs with Samsung S III

We’ve covered the news about the Newman N2 smartphone, this phone Android phones is a duplication of the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. Since...