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OnePlus One Availability Update

Shipping estimates for the OnePlus One were updated today, reflecting higher consumer interest in the 64GB Sandstone Black version than the 16GB Silk White...
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High-end Android showdown: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. OnePlus One

Tech giant Samsung has a huge following and high expectations for new premium products like the Galaxy S5, while brand new Chinese manufacturer OnePlus...
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Oppo Yoyo R2001 competes for mid-low Android market

Oppo has just announced the mid-low end Yoyo R2001 in Malaysia. The MediaTek powered Android smartphone will help Oppo in developing markets in South...
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An Android phone, from a British supermarket?

Competition in the high-end smartphone arena is coming from an unlikely new challenger – UK retailer Tesco. Named the “mobe,” Tesco hopes that this...
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Images: OnePlus smartphone OnePlus One Hands-On Images

The recently concluded press conference has officially revealed the OnePlus One phone. The device carries a Qualcomm quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor, as well...
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CNY$1,399 Dual-SIM 4G Android Phone – Coolpad K1 Officially Released Today

As currently high-end smartphones are extremely popular, many operations quickly released a new generation of high-end smartphones at the start of 2014, but most...
ChangHong HonPhoneZ-01
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ChangHong HonPhone Z9H comes with Dual 3G and 5000 mAh battery

ChangHong is the one of electronic manufacturer from China and now they also entering smartphone market, on last September, Changhong has unveiled their HoPhone...
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Picture example taken by OnePlus One smartphone

After there is a leaked example picture of OnePlus One smartphone camera, and now we have another picture. Before One Plus One smatphone picture...
Eto Raytheon
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Eton Raytheon phone come with 5000mAh battery

If you’re thinking about the Lenovo P780, you may thinking about the large capacity battery since the Lenovo P780 is comes with 4000 mAh...
Project Tango 3D smartphone
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Project Tango will sent to outer space in May

Google has announced a new 3D mapping smartphone device, it’s called as Project Tango. This project also makes it possible to perform 3D mapping...