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ChangHong HonPhoneZ-01
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ChangHong HonPhone Z9H comes with Dual 3G and 5000 mAh battery

ChangHong is the one of electronic manufacturer from China and now they also entering smartphone market, on last September, Changhong has unveiled their HoPhone...
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Picture example taken by OnePlus One smartphone

After there is a leaked example picture of OnePlus One smartphone camera, and now we have another picture. Before One Plus One smatphone picture...
Eto Raytheon
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Eton Raytheon phone come with 5000mAh battery

If you’re thinking about the Lenovo P780, you may thinking about the large capacity battery since the Lenovo P780 is comes with 4000 mAh...
Project Tango 3D smartphone
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Project Tango will sent to outer space in May

Google has announced a new 3D mapping smartphone device, it’s called as Project Tango. This project also makes it possible to perform 3D mapping...
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Pomp technology offers Chopper C6 smartphone for only $223 USD price

Pomp technology is one of the smartphone maker from China, they now ready to unveiled their new smartphone, Chopper C6 series. This phone comes...
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UMI X3 is leaked with octa-core chipset

After Umi Mobile introducing their flagship smartphone UMI X2S, is now we found the new flagship smartphone is coming, that’s UMI X3 with Mediatek...
inew v3
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iNew V3 smartphone is exposure

The new smartphone that come from Chinese manufaturer is ready to hit the market, the phone has nice design, that phone is iNew V3....
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NO.1 N3 Android smartphone with OTG and NFC support

Samsung has been alaready release their new flagship smartphone, those phone is the most attractive smartphone on the market today, and one of domestic...
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Xiaomi Mi3 will be available in two chipset options

After a leak picture of Xiaomi Mi3 rcently, is now finally Xiaomi has announced officially. The new Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone is the latest...
OPPO N1-05
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New flagship smartphones ready to hit on September

On this September, the major manufacturers is preparing their new products, even they are preparing their flagship smartphone and ready to making a new...