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Venus JXD-T8009 exposure with NFC support

JXD is one of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is now ready to release their new smartphone, the phone is now exposure with nice color...
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China Mobile losses, are only sell 1 million units of iPhone 5S

China Mobile, one of the largest mobile operator in China, has just released its financial statements. Through those statements in mind that the company...
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Tim Cook going to China for iPhone launching event by China Mobile

China Mobile seems to be a privileged partner for the Apple. Not surprisingly, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook also took him to attend the official...
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China Mobile ordered 1 million unit iPhone 5S

According to foreign media, China Mobile is now already ordered more than 1,4 millions units of iPhone 5S for it’s release.
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100,000 units of iPhone has been pre-orders from China Mobile for only two days

After much of negotiating, Apple and China Mobile finally got the cooperation to sold Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for China Mobile subscribers....
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iPhone 5S and 5C heading to China Mobile on January 17th 2014

Appler iPhone 5S and 5C is ready to hit Chinese market, and now the new iPhone 5S and 5C is heading to China Mobile...
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China Mobile unveiled their new smartphone M701 and M601

China Mobile is one of biggest mobile provider in China is now unveiled their two new its own-brand Android smartphone for the users, the...
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Samsung Galaxy Note II with Snapdragon 600 heading to China Mobile

Samsung seems is preparing their Galaxy Note II smartphone based on Snapdragon 600 processor, this phone is ready to hit China through China Mobile...

China Mobile lost their 2.5 million customers since December 2012

The latest statistics which says that China Mobile currently has 3.9 million new subscribers and 3G subscribers increased 5.5 million seems to imply its...
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Oppo Ulike 2 is now available in Chinese market

After we’ve covered about Oppo Ulike 2 last month, This phone is targeted for female user. The device has a 5 megapixel front facing...