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The Hongmi Note 4G China Mobile Edition goes on sale on August 12 for 999 RMB (162.30 USD)

The first shipping of the China Mobile edition of the Hongmi Note 4G (100,000 phones), which was first launched on August 6 along with...
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Hongmi Note 4G edition is launched, uses Snapdragon 400 and costs 999 RMB (161.89 USD

The Hongmi Note 4G Edition was formally launched today at noon. The 4G version uses the Snapdragon 400 processor and costs 999 RMB. The...
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AUX to release their first line of 4G phones using an MTK processor

As 4G has been taking the smart phone industry by storm, AUX will soon join the fray with their upcoming 4G phones. One of...
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China Mobile to release a 7-inch 4G tablet

A month after releasing their first 4G mobile phone, the M811, China Mobile introduced their first 4G tablet to the world at the Mobile...
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LG G3 mini (a.k.a. the LG G3 Beat) to have a 5-inch display screen and 2GB RAM

Recently, the mini version of the LG G3was revealed along. This new version will be called the LG G3 Beat. It was previously said...
Galaxy Core Mini 4G-01
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Samsung Galaxy Core Mini 4G hits China Mobile

Samsung China has been announced the availability of the new Galaxy Core Mini 4G, this phone is the new Android 4.4 KitKat smartphone that...
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Hedy’s masterpiece, the H770/Q7 to cost only 599 RMB (96.08 USD), has a 5-inch 720p screen

Due to many reasons, The Hedy H770/Q7, which was first released last September, has become Hedy’s last cellphone “masterpiece.” According to someone from Hedy,...
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China Mobile releases its own 4G cellphone for 999 RMB (159.84 USD)

Today, China Mobile held a launch event in Beijing for their own 4G cellphone, the ME811. It will be sold for 999 RMB, has...
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The 5.5 inch octa-core TCL S725T with 2G ram to be released soon

The TCL Momoda’s (low) China Mobile and Unicom editions will soon enter the market. The high version is also expected to follow suit soon....
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Venus JXD-T8009 exposure with NFC support

JXD is one of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is now ready to release their new smartphone, the phone is now exposure with nice color...