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MediaTek MT6595 true octa-core II chipset is exposure

MediaTek MT6595 is a new SoC chipset, this processor has A17 chipser, HMP, G6200, and other advanced features. The MediaTek is already release their new...
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Qualcomm will focus on Chinese market

Qualcomm is the one of mobile chipset manufacturer, they said that the increase sales of low-cost devices will hold the sales of high-end devices...
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MT6592 uses ARM MALI quad-core graphics

MediaTek now becoming popular since this phone always produce mobile processor that always offers with very-very affordable price, and now MediaTek is also announced...
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Chinese low-end mobile devices supporting the chip industry growth

Asian chip makers are planning to take advantage of a major restructuring of industry turbulent situation to make money. In the past years time,...
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Mediatek Chipset is claimed more cooler

Mediatek chipset made increasingly being used by Android-based smartphones. Not only at a lower level but also began to explore the upper class because...
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MediaTek launches MT6572 A7 Quad Core processor packs with Mali 400 GPU

The development of low-cost hardware for mobile devices is rapidly growing especially for Android  devices. Cheap hardware choices or high-quality hardware that was widely...
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AllWinner A20 chipset heading to market on April

AllWinner is one of chipset manufacturer which ready to preparing their new products, the new chipset is AllWinner A20, its heading to market on...
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Marvell PXA1088, new quad-core chipset for smartphones & tablet devices

One more model of the latest mobile processor named Marvell PXA1088, made by one of the leading chipset manufacturer based in Santa Clara, namely...
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Mediatek ships 200 million chipset this year

MediaTek is one of chip manufacturer name may still be a little strange, when compared to Intel, AMD, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Nvidia Tegra, or even...
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NVidia will handle their own new tegra-based smartphone and tablet lineup

As one of the manufacturers that are not entirely dependent on the OEM, NVIDIA reportedly will soon enliven the market of mobile devices world...