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Mai D68X, Android mobile phone based on MT6517 chipset

Domestic mobile phone manufacturers based on Guangzhou,  Mai Communications has been produce custom mobilephone for China Mobile. They make Mai D68X  smartphone.
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The “Reader” Fiji I800, smartphone + eBook reader device

The popularity of eBook reader is gained since tablet device becoming more popular, but there is a significant differentiation between eBook reader and tablet...
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Android OS is safer for children than iOS?

There are several considerations for parents before providing any mobile devices that are suitable for children. The safety factor is one of them. Did...
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Hero H2000+ upgrade version from H2000, iPhone 5 knock-off

iPhone 5 has been released, but domestic smartphone manufacturer has been produce Apple knock-off before Apple officially launched iPhone 5 to the market, and...
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The new Meizu MX2 specs has been leaked

After we’ve covered about the Meizu MX concept phone, and now we got some information about the good news for you, the Meizu MX2...
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Mogu Cloud M2, Android smartphone with MT6577 chipset

The one of Shenzhen based manufacturer, Sheng Valley Technology Co. Ltd. has been anounced their new smartphone, called Mogu Cloud M2 Android smartphone. This...
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Picture of Huawei Glory T8950

Huawei has been send the Huawei Glory smartphone to FCC few month ago, and now we have a few detail image about those four-inch...
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The 9.7-inch tablet PC based on VIA8850 chipset

As all we know there is Microsoft tablet operating systems called Microsoft Windows 8 RT with ARM-based prcessor and Windows 8 based on Intel...
Huawei W1W2
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Huawei is preparing the new W1 and W2 Windows Phone 8 device

Windows Phone is more popular since Microsoft release the new Windows Phone 8 mobile operating systems, and now there is more manufacturer adopting those...
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VDiscovery VC882, 7-inch Android tablet with phones capability

While there is tablet device with larger screen on the market today, there is some people who always need smallest screen for more comfortability...