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Meizu MX2 screen size is 4.4 inch

Earlier yesterday, we had reported about the Meizu MX2 configuration parameters, followed by those news, there is another news spread from Meizu forum, which...
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HTC One X+ real machine leaked

The picture of HTC One X+ has been exposure, but no chance to see the truth about the matter. Twitter finally for the first...
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HTC 8X time-to-market leaked Chinese version sold 3850 yuan

HTC 8X will be available in November is a well-known thing, but there are many rumors about the specific arrival time. , According to...
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Nokia ready to sue HTC, because of HTC 8X design

Nokia considers that the latest product design WP8 phones from HTC, namely 8X considered to have the same design with the Nokia Lumia 920...
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Mediatek is ready to release MT6599 8-core processor

MediaTek as one of chipset manufacturer based on Taiwan has been spread their MT6588 quad-core chipset. While the MediaTek MT6588 quad-core with 1GHz frequency...
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Newman N2 Quad-core smartphone

Newman has been launch the dual-core MTK6577 smartphone through Newman N1, and we heard from the official forum says that Newman has been planning...
Lenovo Arkansas
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Lenovo Arkansas, powered by MTK 6588 quad-core chipset

Lenovo seems preparing another hits with their product, and now they trying to make Lenovo Arkansas, Android smartphone which powered by MT6588 Quad-core processor.
HTC One X5
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5-inch HTC device will becoming Google Nexus 5?

While Google Nexus 7 is still much talked about, speculation about the newest generation of mobile tablet aka phablet from Google began to spread....
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Samsung Galaxy smartphone has dangerous bugs

A dangerous bug was found in the Samsung Galaxy line smartphones. With that bugs, attacker can make deleted all data on the phone with...
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Leguo, iPhone 5 knock-off with 95% similarity but 1/4 price

iPhone 5 is become popular since launched, and Apple has been out of stock a few hours after it was announced at the Apple...