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Lenovo Miix2
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Lenovo Miix2 tablet is coming early

Having exhibited during the CES 2014, Lenovo has finally started selling the Lenovo Miix 2. Convertible tablet that had been scheduled to appear next...
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CarPad T69 Max, octa-core phablet device with 6.95 inch screen size

Carpad, the one of smartphone and tablet manufacturer is already release their new phablet device, the CarPad T69 Max with octa-core processor and packs...
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Foxconn has assembles 100 unit of prototype Apple iPhone with sapphire screen.

Foxconn is already assemble the first 100 unit of upcoming Apple iPhone (this is the Next-gen iPhone) with sapphire glass screen.
China Mobile Logo
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China Mobile ordered 1 million unit iPhone 5S

According to foreign media, China Mobile is now already ordered more than 1,4 millions units of iPhone 5S for it’s release.
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MediaTek will beat Qualcomm and becoming the largest chip maker

For a while now, Qualcomm may the biggest chip maker, but MediaTek will beat Qualcomm in the near future, since MediaTek is hold a...
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ZTE won the India’s 4G infrastucture

China’s 4G LTE service came late, but there is always much later, India has not even started yet. According to “India’s Economic Times” reported...
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Philips Xenium W9588 unveiled in China

Smartphone with a flip design is quite rare. And now there is a Philips Xenium X9588 is actually having specifications such as a smartphone...
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Smartwatch comparison that already in the market today.

Ever since Google Glass sparked a new wave of wearable devices including Apple manufacturers including Samsung have announced its entry into the field, and...
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The first true octa core processor MediaTek MT6592 is officially release

Finally, the MediaTek has offcially release the new MT6592 processor, this is the world’s first true octa-core processor in the market. And MediaTek has...
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Official Motorola G picture is leaked before launch on November 13th

Motorola is ready to introduce its latest smartphone which is named Motorola Moto G on November 13th. But the official view that the smartphone...