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Nexus 8 Intel processor
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The upcoming Google Nexus tablet will be powered by 64-bit quad-core Intel processor

Google has been launch their first Nexus 7 talet device that uses  NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, while in 2013 Nexus 7 is coming with...
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The popular tablet cost of dialysis margin revealed

Recently, the foreign media has compared several popular tablet PC hardware costs, and they include the Microsoft Surface, Apple iPad 3, iPad Mini, Google...
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Prototype Sony Nexus X leaked

I do not know what it is Google’s policy related to their Nexus smartphone. Having previously appeared and even a review of the LG...
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The New Google Nexus smartphone will powered with Android 4.2 OS

We have heard many rumors about Google planning to build new Google Nexus smartphone, the foreign media reported thar Google smartphone expected to published...