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Goopad mini 3G front
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Goopad mini 3G Finally Out To Complete With iPad mini

Goopad mini is anounced a few months ago, but there is no real picture about the iPad mini copy. Good product always been much...

Zophone ready to compete against Goophone

Zophone I5 is another iPhone 5 clone that should soon be released…

Meox first iPhone 5 clone—Gameplay

Here are two video of the Meox, that was released a couple of weeks before the Goophone i5 as well as the real iPhone...

Goopad Mini Promotional Video

The iPad mini already has a clone waiting for it…
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GooPad Mini, the iPad mini knock-off will launch in November

  GooPad is the best iPad knock-off with 9.7 inch screen, it doesn’t stop at this point, when Apple iPad mini is released today, the...