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Goophone I5 officially announced for release from 12.12 to 12.14

Yes! You heard it right the Goophone I5 world’s most anticipated iPhone 5 clone…

Kuphone I5… Again another iPhone 5 knock-off!

It has a standard dual-core MT6577 processor(like most of the other clones) 512mb of ram with a front camera of…
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Goophone I5 Changed The Logo Because Of Google Sue

Goophone always produce the best iPhone copy phones, with iOS theme which base on Android OS, since Android Gingerbread launched. They also use the...
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Zophone I5 released before Goophone I5

So you may have heard of the “Zophone I5″ or even the “Goophone I5″. Well recently…

Zophone ready to compete against Goophone

Zophone I5 is another iPhone 5 clone that should soon be released…
Goophone I5
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Goophone I5 Will Come At End Of November

In my opinion, the Goophone I5 will be the best iPhone 5 clone so far when I have seen the phone, it is almost...
Goophone I5 box
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Goophone I5 Packing Box Pictures Leaked

Goophone I5 is released a month ago, but buyers have waited too long for this phone. Today, the phone’s packing box is leaked at official...

Meox first iPhone 5 clone—Gameplay

Here are two video of the Meox, that was released a couple of weeks before the Goophone i5 as well as the real iPhone...
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Goophone I5 Lite Hands On

Goophone I5 is the first iPhone 5 knock-off, and will equip quad-core Tegra 3 processor, but the official website has not any news about...
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Goophone I5 VS iPhone 5

Goophone I5 is the first iPhone 5 knock-off with quad-core CPU, and today, the real iPhone 5 is unveiled, so let’s us compare the...