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Video: Comparing HTC One vs HTC Droid DNA (Butterfly)

We’ve covered the video comparison between HTC One vs Google Nexus 4 smartphone, and now we have a couple video showing the HTC One...
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HTC One smartphone released with the new innovation technology

HTC One smartphone has been unveiled now, but this phone is widely rumored as the HTC M7. HTC is now officialy launch this phone...
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HTC One M7 will be ready in the market on March 22

HTC One 32GB contract unit price will be $ 199, equivalent to 1240 yuan, As for the bare metal price will reach 650 euros,...
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HTC One M7 vs Nexus 4 smartphone

The new flagship phone from HTC, is the HTC One M7 has been officially released, the foreign media on this phone ha doing some...
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HTC One M7 finnaly arrive

After we all waiting for HTC One M7 coming, is now we got the news from HTC, they has been uveiled their new flagship...
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HTC M7 photo leaked point of view

For a while now, we have heard lot of rumor about the new HTC M7 Android smartphone before, and some picture was showed by...
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The leaked image of HTC One smartphone

While we are waiting for the HTC event that will be launch at February 19th, we ‘ve got the leaked image of HTC One...
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HTC M7 is also known as HTC One?

HTC is expected to be officially released M7 on the February 19th of this month in New York, London and other places.
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Here are the specs of the HTC M7

After we’ve covered the news about the new HTC M7 smartphone, the latest news regarding succession flagship smartphone from HTC, continues to burst. This...
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Besides M7, HTC will Release M4 and G2 wich offer with affordable price

HTC superphone M7 is expected to undergo its debut at the HTC event on 18 February, but according to rumors HTC seems ready to...