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HTC One M8 Mini ready to hit the market on May

Many smartphone manufacturer is trying to offers the Mini version of their flagship smartphone, and now HTC is also ready to release their Mini...
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HTC M8 is officially release with Ultra Pixel

The battle of the premium class smartphone will increasingly fierce with the emergence of HTC M8. This new flagship smartphone from HTC is also...
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HTC M8 (One 2 or One+) is ready to hit the market

HTC is now ready to release their new flagship smartphone, HTC M8, this phone is the successor of HTC One that why many people...
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Mysterious HTC Phone leaked on AnTuTu Benchmark with 36,000 point

HTC seems ready to release the new smartphone, but we don’t have any information what the phone exactly name, since the phone is only...
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HTC has plans for MediaTek chipset and cooperate with China Mobile

A new policy will be made ​​by HTC as the company amid worsening conditions . A total of four new policy will be implemented...
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HTC released the new video for HTC One Max launch?

HTC is now released the new commercial video, the video has the title Here To Change, it’s stand for HTC that starring by Robert...
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HTC is preparing Butterfly S with Dual SIM capability

HTC has recently launched HTC Butterfly S which is the successor to the HTC Butterfly. After launching Butterfly S, HTC is expected to release...
HTC DesireL
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HTC Desire L, the mid-range smartphone from HTC

HTC has officially announced the Desire L in Taiwan. This is the mid-range Android handsets that running Android Jelly Bean with Sense UI and...
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HTC One considered to help HTC, expected company profits rose 50%

HTC seems to be reversing their fortunes through their latest flagship phone, the HTC One. Alvin Kwock of J.P. Morgan Securities believes that HTC...
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HTC Myst, the new Facebook phone with 720p screen

Facebook phone is always rumored to possibly be true, it comes form the HTC through HTC Myst Android Jelly Bean smartphone