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HTC One M8 Mini 2 press image is here

While we ever covered the news about the upcoming HTC One M8 Mini 2 smartphone, is now we have the official press image of...
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HTC One M8 will be available in various color cover

While HTC releasing the HTC One M8, the phone is only available in three color version, those of color are; gunmetal grey, glacial silver...
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HTC one M8 Ace plastic version will offers with only 3,000 yuan ($480 USD)

Before now, HTC One M8 Ace plastic version is rumored to be available in the market, and now the rumor is spread again with...
HTC WP-Device
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HTC: “Microsoft is still our valuable partner”

HTC is now produce Android phone, but this Taiwanese company is also produce Windows Phone device, there is HTC 8X and HTC 8S that...
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HTC Desire 210, budget smartphone with dual-core chipset

HTC has been unveiled their new Desire smartphoe lineup, the phone is called as HTC Desire 210. This phone is targeting a low-end market...
Nexus HTC-08
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The upcoming Nexus 8 comes from HTC

We heard the rumor about the upcoming Nexus 8 tablet will produce by HTC, according to foreign media reports based on Suply chain, Google...
HTC One M8-9
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The upcoming HTC One M9 will packs with Optical Zoom capability

While we all know that HTC is already release their new flagship smartphone HTC One M8 to the market, the Taiwanese company is also...
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Spreadsheet that show why HTC One M8 is better than Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has already release the Galaxy S5 smartphone, and HTC is also unveiled the HTC One M8 smartphone, both phone offers the best features...
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HTC One Ace (M8), yet another version of HTC One M8

HTC has already release their new HTC One M8 Android phone, this phone is also called as the HTC All New One or HTC...
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HTC Butterfly 2 is exposure

After HTC officially launch the HTC One M8, the Taiwanese company is also ready to release the HTC Butterfly 2, This is the upgrade...