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HTC is preparing colorfull smartphone

HTC is now ready to release their new Android phone, the interesting things is the new HTC phones will covered by colorfull case.

HTC octa-core smartphone is exposure

There is the news earlier that HCT is ready to addopt MediaTek chipset in their products. HTC is planning to using mediaTek processor for...
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HTC One Max red version hit Hong Kong market

After available in Taiwanese market, is now the Red version of HTC One Maxis available in Hong Kong, the phone is offers for $6,198...
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Mysterious HTC Phone leaked on AnTuTu Benchmark with 36,000 point

HTC seems ready to release the new smartphone, but we don’t have any information what the phone exactly name, since the phone is only...
HTC Desire COlorful
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The colorful HTC Desire smartphones ready to hit Chinese market on November 27th

Less than a week away, HTC will held an event for the media in China. The Taiwanese smarpthone maker will unveil its newest HTC...
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HTC M8 photo is revealed

Some leaked photo of HTC M8 smartphone has been revealed. The images were first discovered in the EPRICE shows the back of the HTC...
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HTC M8 will bring HTC Sense 6.0

HTC seems hold to release a new flagship smartphone, since HTC has been successfully release the HTC One. And HTC is also release the...
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HTC has plans for MediaTek chipset and cooperate with China Mobile

A new policy will be made ​​by HTC as the company amid worsening conditions . A total of four new policy will be implemented...
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HTC denied to close their factory

After we’ve covered the news about HTC is shutdown one of their factory, is now HTC is denied about that news. Since HTC introduced...
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HTC is shutdown one of their factory

One of the world’s Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, HTC, is now in poor condition. And the speculation about this company began to emerge. Some time...