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MediaPad M1-01
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Huawei MediaPad M1, the new 8-inch tablet device with 1299 yuan ($208 USD) price

Huawei was held the new conferece at June 12th, 12:00, The copany is release the new tablet device, Huawei MediaPad M1, the device comes...
Huawei Honor-6-01
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The new Huawei flagship smartphone is leaked with more slender body

Huawei is ready to release their new upcoming smartphone on June 24th in Beijing, the phone is known as Huawei Mulan and now we...
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Huawei Honor 6 Camera Photo Sample Leaked

We have covered the news that Huawei is ready to relesae their new flagship smartphone, Huawei Honor 6, the phone is becoming the hot...
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HiSilicon’s Kirin 920 costs 100 RMB (16.02 USD) in Taobao

  A lot of internet users are already used to shopping online and their first choice is always Taobao with their good prices and...
Huawei Honor 6-02
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Huawei Honor 6 launch date and price is leaked!

Huawei is ready to release their new flagship smartphone model, Huawei Honor 6, this phone is spread as a rumor recently and now we...
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Huawei new chip Kirin 920 claims to outclass Snapdragon 805

Huawei is not a popular name in the west, but this notion is changing with the HiSilicon chips churned out by Huawei. These chips...
Huawei Hass Kirin 910-02
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Huawei has released their new Huawei Haas true octa-core processor, ready to compete with Snapdragon 805

Huawei has rumored to released their own octa-core processor, and today Huawei has officially release their new Huawei Haas Kirin 920 and Kirin 910T...
Huawei Honor-new-01
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The new Huawei Honor smartphone appear with more nice and elagant design

The new Huawei Honor smartphone has becaoming the rumor, and now we found that the phone is now exposure with the nice design and...
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Huawei’s New Smartphone ‘Mulan’, with 3GB RAM and octa-core CPU may give tough fight

Huawei appears to realize that 5 inches is the perfect height for the mobile phones, after experimenting with different sizes and forms. The next...
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Huawei demoing the new 10Gbps WiFi technology

Huawei is the one of Chinese electronic manufacturer that has been sucessfully to spread their products to global market, and now Huawei hsa already...