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Another iPhone 5 Knock-off, Only $99 In this Summer

Goophone do best on iPhone copy, but the price is not low enough. Sunnycube change the rule this time. You will only pay $99...
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Apple just producing small amount of cheap iPhone

Cheap iPhone device is reportedly being prepared for Apple to attract all segments of the market is said to be released in the event...

Apple released iOS 6.1.4 just for iPhone 5

Good news for the owners of the iPhone 5. Apple has just released iOS 6.1.4 update, specifically for the iPhone 5 (at the moment)....
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Apple has returning iPhone 5 to Foxconn

Apple is rumored to have returned millions units of iPhone that built by Foxconn because of the quality problems.
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World most expensive iPhone heading to China for $15 million USD

Stuart Hughes formerly nown as iPad designer which made from T-Rex bone, is now re0making the new iPhone 5 with most expensive iPhone in...
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Get $50 OFF In April, Save Money on Goophone i5

Goophone released the cheaper i5S a month ago, and it attract plenty of iPhone funs. Today, a big news from Android-sale.com, the only international...
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How To Update New ROM For Goophone i5S? Here Is The Guide

Goophone i5S is a iPhone 5 imitation, but cheaper a lot. It has a iOS theme base on Android, but the original software has...
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Samsung Galaxy S4 comparison with another five smartphone devices

Samsung has been release their new flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4 which packs with 5 inch screen with 1080P AMOLED display and now we have...
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Video comparison: Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S III is a big success, and now they already released the next-generation flagship phone Galaxy S4 last week, Samsung has finally...
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Goophone Released iPhone 5S Clone Before Apple, Only $99

There is some rumors about cheap version iPhone 5S, but Apple will doesn’t confirm it before next generation iPhone unveil. Lots of market analysts...