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CNN report that Oppo Finder is the thinnest phone than iPhone 5

We all know that Apple has been lauched their new iPhone 5 smartphone, they claim that iPhone 5 is the thinnest phone for now,...
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Apple allow Chinese manufacturer to built Lightning data cable

We,ve covered the news about Apple that won’t third-party manufacturer to built lightning cable used on the iPhone 5. But the good news emerged...
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Apple statement about purple flares in iPhone 5 camera

A few days ago, there are iPhone 5 users who claim to see the beam of light in purple color when using the camera....
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Apple apologize for the low-quality map of iOS 6

Apple Maps has been hype this week because it is considered to be inaccurate Maps. Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged these shortcomings and expressed...
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iPhone Family, Which is Fastest On Start (Video)

From the first-generation iPhone in 2007 to the 2012 iPhone 5 Apple iPhone family total of six members: seen from the video, the iPhone...
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Apple added authentication chip to stop third-parties making cheaper versions iPhone 5 accesories

The dock connector may be the only iPhone feature that we know, for sure, recently there have been media said, the the iPhone5 latest...
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Compare Test: iPhone 5 vs Xiaomi MI2

All we know about Apple iPhone 5 has been launched to the market, and one of gadget website based in CHina, PC Online has...
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191 units iPhone 5 lost before launch in Japan

iPhone 5 not only attract for the lovers of Apple products. The thief was interested in such advanced products. As a result, a total...
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Zophone I5, Another iPhone 5 Clone With Dual-Core Processor

  Zophone I5, yet another iPhone 5 clone with 1GHz MTK MT6577 dual-core processor, this phone was unveiled today at Zophone official forum. The new...
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SunSpider Benchmark: iPhone 5 is the worlds fastest smartphone

Performance of iPhone 5 has just recorded history in the world of smartphones. According to AnandTech, the latest mobile phone from Apple has just...