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Giveaway: 10,000 Units FREE Case For iPhone 6 At Oppomart

Now that the iPhone 6 is official, buyers will look out for various cases and covers for their new phone. Of course, both the...
goophone i6
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Goophone did it again! Goophone i6(Iphone6 Clone) Will Be Available at 1st August.

Coophone, one of the best Chinese counterfeiters,is going to unveil “Iphone6”(Coophone i6) before Apple ,by using the same model as the real Iphone6.Coophone i6...
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iPhone 6 Touch Screen Testing: So Hard Than Expectation

Tons of rumors leaked about new iPhone 6, it isn’t a secret anymore. Today, someone has gotten the touch screen panel part from Taiwan...
iOS 7 security flaws
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iOS 7 lock screen security flaw allows user to bypass in seconds

The new bug is found on the iOS 7 lock screen, the phone has security flaws and the user of iDevice that running iOS...
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Roundup: Top 10 New Features Of iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone 6 has high exposure rate all the time, information from lot of channels make the phone is no secret left. Days before,...
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What inside of Jiayu S2 smartphone? here is the details

Yesterday, we’ve covered the news about the comparison picture of Jiayu S2 smartphone and Apple iPhone 5 smartphone, the Jiayu has a similar design...
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Apple granted camera DSLR-like patent

The existence of patent filings does not mean there will be products that use the patents immediately, but at least show what is being...
China Mobile Logo
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China Mobile ordered 1 million unit iPhone 5S

According to foreign media, China Mobile is now already ordered more than 1,4 millions units of iPhone 5S for it’s release.
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The upcoming Apple iPhone 6 will available in two different screen size?

Apple is rumored to develop the upcoming iPhone or we called as iPhone 6, the upcoming iPhone 6 will be available in two different...
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Apple will released the curved screen iPhone on 2014?

Smartphone with a curved screen design is likely to be a new trend in 2014. After LG and Samsung that already to release the...