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JIayu G3 Benchmark Score Unveiled

AfterJiayu G3 the Antutu benchmark testing, the score is not too low, many MTK6577 phone run points are in the field. As we all know,...
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Jiayu G3 Corning Gorilla Glass Screen Scratching Test By Knife (Video)

  Jiayu G3 is the first China phone used Corning Gorilla glass screen, the screen, tough, yet beautiful. the exceptional damage resistance of Gorilla Glass helps...
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Photographs of the JiaYU G3 real phone

Seen from the pictures, JiaYu G3 And JiaYu G2 are the same thickness, but JiaYu G3 is longer and wider than JiaYu G2. JiaYu G3 also has dual-core,...