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Jiayu G5
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Jiayu G5 Android smartphone bring eight-core processor

Jiayu is one of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer that always offers a nice products, and now they already release the Jiayu G5 smartphone that...
Jiayu G4
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Jiayu G4 with octa-core processor is now offers with very affordable price

Jiayu is also introiducing another octa-core smartphone, is now they already released the Jiayu G4, this phone is the upgrade version from the previous...
Jiayu G6-01
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Jiayu G6 is covered with exlusive glass and aluminum material body

  Jiayu has been officially release the new Jiayu G6 and S2 few week ago. Both products has nice body design while the Jiayu...
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The picture comparison, Jiayu S2 vs iPhone 5

Jiayu S2 is the Android phones that came from Chinese manufacturer, the phone design is look similar with iPhone 5, while the Jiayu has...
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Jiayu G2F video demo is here

Jiayu G4 and G5 have been listed before, and now we have heard that there is new mysterious smartphone from Jiayu, the Jiayu G2F....
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Jiayu G5 starting to hit market on mid-October with metal body design

While for now, most smartphne products is pack with plastic and metal body, the plastic body is represent the low-end smartphone, while the meta...
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JiaYu G5 has same design with iPhone 5

JiaYu preparing to launch a new mobile phone to its customers. Some mobile phones are already prepared, one of the products is JiaYu G5...
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Table of specs: Jiayu G4 Standard edition and Flagship edition

We’ve ever covered the new Jiayu G4 Android smartphone before, this phone is the one of popular smartphone and compete with another brand in...
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Jiayu G4, 4.7-inch 720p screen quad-core smartphone just for $170

Earlier today, the Jiayu has been unveiled their new smartphone, the Jiayu G4, thi  configuration is consistent with the previous rumors, the smartphone will...
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The picture of Jiayu G3 smartphone black version

After we covered the news about Jiayu G3 Android smartphone, we also covered another version of Jiayu G3 thats the Black Version of Jiayu...