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Lenovo X910 Appear on AnTuTu benchmark test

Lenovo has launched the IdeaPhone K900 smartphone, a 5.5 inch screen 1080p premium design reinforced Intel Atom dual core processor and running Android operating...
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Lenovo K900 smartphone good sold in China

Lenovo is the one of Chinese electronic manufacturer which built the new Android smartphone, one of the smartphone products from Lenovo is Lenovo K900.
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Lenovo released five new IdeaPhone series

Lenovo have just released five IdeaPhone that running Android operating system, including S890 smartphone. Lenovo IdeaPhone P series is the relative high-end smartphone for...
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Lenovo show global version of IdeaPhone P770 smartphone

In 2013, Lenovo seems to have a great ambition to beat Samsung as world smartphone winner. Some of Lenovo’s latest smartphone is ready to...