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Lenovo P770
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Lenovo P770 launch for global market this month

Lenovo’s latest Android smartphone with the high-capacity battery, Lenovo P770 is planned to present in February 2013 for global market launch.
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Lenovo show global version of IdeaPhone P770 smartphone

In 2013, Lenovo seems to have a great ambition to beat Samsung as world smartphone winner. Some of Lenovo’s latest smartphone is ready to...
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Lenovo P770, Android smartphone with 3500mAh capacity battery

While many complaints among smartphone owners, either Android, iOS and Blackberry in terms of battery endurance problem. With a bigger screen, faster processor, certainly...
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The picture of new Lenovo P770 smartphone similar with Lenovo K860

Today we’ve ever release a new rumors about Lenovo P770 smartphone without a detailed picture, and now we have a picture of those phone.
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Lenovo P770 with 3300 mAh battery heading next month

Lenovo is starting to make Android smartphone with high apacity battery, since many Android user complain about the lack of power in their handset,...