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ZTE high-end smartphone is ready to compete with Apple and Samsung

The one of Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE is ready to compete with the giant phone manufacturer such as Apple and Samsung. ZTE hopes, their...
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ZTE Nubia Z5, 1080p HD screen is ready on the market on April 12th

ZTE has been unveiled the new ZTE Nubia Z5 Android smartphone, this phone is officially launch by ZTE on February 1st, 2013. And now...
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ZTE Nubia Z5 teardown picture

While we have covered the review of ZTE Nubia Z5 smartphone is now we have a teardown picture of the Nubia Z5, especially to...
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ZTE Nubia Z5 smartphone finally arrive

After we’ve waiting for a half a month, ZTE Nubia Z5 finally arrive on the market and we have a couple of picture about...
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Nubia Z5 not arrive but Nubia Z7 with 6.3 inch screen ready to market

We all know about the new Nubia Z5 smartphone from ZTE, this is the new high-end smartphone which ever launch couple months ago, but...
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ZTE Nubia Z5 Will Accept Pre-order Start January 8th At Official Website

ZTE 1080P 5-inch quad-core phone nubia Z5 released in the end of December, The official weibo announced today (China Twitter), will pre-sell nubiz Z5...
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Nubia Z5, Meizu MX2 and Oppo Ulike 2, Which is thinner ?

Before now we have see the Meizu MX2 and Oppo Ulike2 while CoolPad HD9960 as a thinner smartphone and after ZTE Nubia Z5 available...
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Review of ZTE Nubia Z5 smartphone

ZTE Nubia Z5 has been launch on December 26th, this phone is become the most interesting product from ZTE since enthusiast people waiting for...
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ZTE Nubia Z5 Is Launched, 1080P Screen, 13MP Camera, $550

  Finally, the wait is over for ZTE Nubia Z5, the last flagship Android smartphone in 2012. Launched in Beijing today, the Nubia Z5...
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ZTE Nubia Z5 13-megapixel Shooting Sample Leaked

ZTE Nubia Z5 will be released at December 26th, as we known, Nubia Z5 will equip 1080P screen, quad-core processor, and 13-megapixel rear camera....