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OPPO Yoyo, quad-core Android smartphone with Hot Knot feature

OPPO is the one of Chinese smartphone manufacturer is now released their new smartphone, the new phone is called as OPPO Yoyo Android smartphone.
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Oppo Find 7 final design show at Red Dot 21 website

Oppo as the one of Chinese smartphone maker is ready to launching Oppo Find 7 smartphone on march 19th, but now those phone design...
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OPPO R8007 spotted on Benchmark database

OPPO seems ready to release their new smartphone, after they now already release their flagship smartphone in most Asian market. The new smartphone is...
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OPPO Neo is now official and offers for $220 price tag

After we’ve covered the news about the OPPO Neo that ready to hit Indonesian market, is now the OPPO Neo smartphone is announced in...
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OPPO N1 available on December 10th with Color OS or CyanogenMOD ROM option

OPPO N1 is the on of flagship smartphone from OPPO, and now they also ready to release it’s camera centric smartphone on December 10th...
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OPPO CyanogenMod version smartphone will has own brand

OPPO is now becoming more popular smartphone manufacturer since this phone is already released the OPPO N1 as the one of camera-centric smartphone, and...
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OPPO N1 ready to hit Chinese market on October 25th

OPPO has been unveiled their new camera-centric smartphone, OPPO N1 on September 23th this year, but the phone is not ready to consumer until...
OPPO N1-02
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OPPO: creative play + excellent quality = perfect "imaging system"

best online cigar store Today, there is many smatphone that embed with camera functionality, while OPPO is the one of domestic manufacturer is trying...
OPPO N1 Smartphone
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The detail picture of OPPO N1 camera-centric Android smartphone

OPPO has been officially released the new OPPO N1, since those phone is available as the rumors few months ago, is now they available...
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The leaked picture of OPPO N1 smartphone

OPPO will be held the conferfence on September 23rd, they ready to released its high-end camera smartphone, OPPO N1, this is the one of...