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OPPO N1 Mini Review-01
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The review of OPPO N1 Mini smartphone.

OPPO has been release their new smartphone, OPPO R3 and the OPPO N1 Mini on June 10th 2014, and now we want to show...
OPPO review R3-01
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OPPO R3 preview: The Thinnest 4G Smartphone

OPPO has already release the new OPPO R3 smartphone recently, the phone is packs with 4G network connectivity. The new OPPO R3 is only...
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OPPO will push OPPO 4G smartphone tomorrow

OPPO will be ready to release their new smartphone tomorrow, the phone is OPPO 4G, while for now the phone has been covered as...
OPPO 4G wave-01
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The new mysterious OPPO smartphone is exposure

On next June 10th, OPPO will held the big event in Beijing, OPPO will intrducing the new 4G products lineup, in addition to unveiled...
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OPPO Joy, the entry level Android phone with dual core chipset

OPPO is not only offers the high-end smartphone, especially for Asian market OPPO is also offers the entry level Android smartphone.
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Set to hit market in United States, OPPO RS1 hits local retail on the 25th with gift.

According to the latest news from foreign media, the upgraded version of the OPPO R1, the R1S, has passed the United States FCC checks....
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Local flagship product expands overseas – OPPO Find 7 released in Indonesia

As China’s local smartphones grow more powerful and the smartphone market continuously expands, more and more of the country’s local smartphone manufacturers are expanding...
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OPPO R1001 Android phone is ready to come for low-end market

OPPO seems ready to release the budget smartphone, this phone is known as OPPO R1001 and it’s appear in FCC website recently.
Oppo F7-pack-01
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OPPO Find 7 packaging is exposure

OPPO is ready to release their new flagship smartphone, Oppo Find 7 on March 19th, the phone will be ready to compete with most...
OPPO Luanchingcode
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OPPO Find 7 will be hit the market on March 19th

Today, we have found the smartphone products that packs with 2K HD display, and OPPO is following this market through their new flagship smartphone,...