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OPPO R1001 Android phone is ready to come for low-end market

OPPO seems ready to release the budget smartphone, this phone is known as OPPO R1001 and it’s appear in FCC website recently.
Oppo F7-pack-01
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OPPO Find 7 packaging is exposure

OPPO is ready to release their new flagship smartphone, Oppo Find 7 on March 19th, the phone will be ready to compete with most...
OPPO Luanchingcode
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OPPO Find 7 will be hit the market on March 19th

Today, we have found the smartphone products that packs with 2K HD display, and OPPO is following this market through their new flagship smartphone,...
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OPPO Find 7 will be offerd belo $600 USD price tag

OPPO has ready to release their new flagship smartphone OPPO Find 7 Quad HD, this is the second phone from Chinese manufaturer which powered...
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OPPO Neo is now official and offers for $220 price tag

After we’ve covered the news about the OPPO Neo that ready to hit Indonesian market, is now the OPPO Neo smartphone is announced in...
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OPPO Neo heading to Indonesian market

OPPO is now preparing their new smartphone, the phone is called as OPPO Neo. As we know OPPO Neo smartphone is the basic phone.
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OPPO Find 7 component leaked, showing the detail of the phone

OPPO has ready to launching their upcoming flagship smartphone device after becoming a rumors back a few months ago, is now we have a...
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CynogenMod ROM is now ready for every OPPO N1 smartphone

The OPPO N1 smartphone comes with original ColorOS, but now they also ready to get the CyanogenMod ROM since the OPPO company is cooperative...
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OPPO confirms, the OPPO Find 7 will use 5,5 inch screen size

After hanging on the news as rumor, is now OPPO Find 7 is ready to release, the upcoming OPPO Find 7 smartphon will already...
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The leaked picture of OPPO R1 is unveiled

OPPO R1 is one of the OPPO smartphone that ready to release in the near future, is now we have a hi-res picture of...