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Elephone Vowney Antutu scores

The Elephone Vowney release is getting ever closer and as the release date approaches, more information and news is being made available. Today we have received screenshots showing the Elephone…

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iPhone 6S Plus vs OUKITEL U7 Pro

We have today received a video from Oukitel showing the iPhone 6S Plus vs OUKITEL U7 Pro. Surprisingly the blatantly iPhone 6S Plus influenced $69.99 (£46) Oukitel U7 Pro stands up…

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Ecoo E06 Hands-on

Ecoo E06 Hands-on video Elephone have this morning sent over a new video showing the Ecoo E06 Hands-on, as many of you are now aware Ecoo is the Sub brand of Elephone….

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Elephone S1 for just $70?

Elephone S1 for just $70? Is the Elephone S1 for just $70 a complete bargain or is it too little tech for 2015’s consumers? coming off the back of the…

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Elephone P8000 vs P9000

Elephone P8000 vs P9000 With just a short while left until the long awaited Elephone P9000 goes on sale, I figured its worth pitting the old against the new in a show down….