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Apple will released the curved screen iPhone on 2014?

Smartphone with a curved screen design is likely to be a new trend in 2014. After LG and Samsung that already to release the...
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Sony Xperia SP aka Sony HuaShan leaked on the net

We are closer to Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 event which held in Barcelona, a variety of information related specifications of Sony Xperia SP,...
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iPhone 6 come early, with new design?

iPhone 6 rumored to be released early next year and one of the reasons it will be done by the next-generation Apple phone because...
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Thin and light Huawei with 6.1 inch 1080p screen, exposure again

Earlier today, the chairman of Huawei Samrtphone Yu Chengdong on the microblogging said they are using the world’s largest mobile phone, although it is...
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HTC ready to release M7 as Flagship smartphone for first quarter 2013

HTC looks set to release their 2013 flagship Android smartphone for precede Samsung, Google and Apple. Rumors are coming from China and Taiwan suggest...
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The casing of “iPhone 5S” has been leaked

iPhone 5 has just launched in September 2012, but rumors of the 7th generation iPhone has begun to circulate. In the net, there is...
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ASUS ME172V, Jelly Bean Android tablet with 1GHz chipset and GPU Mali 400

While Asus got their success from colaboration with Google to built Google Nexus 7 Anrdoid tablet, is now Asus ready to built their own...
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Lenovo P770 with 3300 mAh battery heading next month

Lenovo is starting to make Android smartphone with high apacity battery, since many Android user complain about the lack of power in their handset,...
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UMi preparing their new dual-core smartphone

The Senzhen based smartphone manufacturer is starting to built duad-core smartphone in their products and now we have few domestic duad-core smartphone on the...
HTC One X5
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5-inch HTC device will becoming Google Nexus 5?

While Google Nexus 7 is still much talked about, speculation about the newest generation of mobile tablet aka phablet from Google began to spread....