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Unboxing UMI X2 evaluation machine

We’ve covered the news about UMI X2 Android smartphone many times but now we have a couple picture while unboxing the UMI X2 Android...
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More picture of UMI X2 Android smartphone

After we’ve covered the news about the new UMI X2 Android smartphone, is now we happy to annouced that the phone will be sold...
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The screenshot of UMI X2 system performance

UMI is one of Chinese smartphone manufacturer which has excellent quality, and now we have the screenshoot of UMI X2 system through benchmark test...
UMI X2-01
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UMI X2, Quad Core Android phablet with affordable price

UMI X2 is one of the quad-core phone from Chinese manufacturer, and now the UMI X2 just rolled into International markets. As a first...
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Short review of UMI X2 smartphone

We’ve covered the news about new UMI smartphone lineup, and now we have the information taken from the user from UMI forum, the user...
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UMI X2 High-end 5-inch 1080P Quad-core Phone Pictures Leaked, But Only $240

UMI X2 will be the next 5-inch 1080P quad-core high-end super phone, after ZTE Nubia Z5 and OPPO Find 5 launching a few days ago. ...
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UMI X2 Picture Is Unveiled With 4.7-inch 1080P Screen, Quad-core Processor

A picture is released from UMI’s official website about the new phone UMI X2. From the picture, you will find the new design is...
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UMi preparing their new dual-core smartphone

The Senzhen based smartphone manufacturer is starting to built duad-core smartphone in their products and now we have few domestic duad-core smartphone on the...