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Latest Xiaomi Mi4 Leak: BuyXiaomi Mi4 You’ll Get a Xiaomi Smart Wristband For Free

Just two days ‘ time, MI4 will meet us in state. We are sure Xiaomi Mi4 is not equipped with metal postoperculum, only borders are made...
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Xiaomi’s ambitions for world top three

Xiaomi has plans to become one of China’s top three e-commerce companies over the next few years, according to founder and President Lin Bin....
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Xiaomi Has Sold 15 Million Mi2 Phones In China

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has post a message about Xiaomi Mi2 sales quantity on Weibo, the Xiaomi Mi2 total sales reached 15,130,000 units in...
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Xiaomi targeting 15 million units of sales this year

Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi smartphone, announced that it will produce 15 million handsets in 2013. The target has risen more than...
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Newman N2 vs Xiaomi Mi2, Which is the Best Cost-effective Quad-core Phone?

Xiaomi phone 2 is the first quad-core phone made by Chinese factory, it is hottest phone in whole last year in China. But a...
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Review: Meizu MX2 VS Xiaomi Mi2

Meizu MX2 become the most popular mobile devices these days, because this phone is the latest technology from an Android phone, there are other...
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Short review of Xiaomi MI2 Android smartphone

While there are some people has get pucrhase their Xiaomi MI2 smartphone on domestic market, the anonymous user has been review his Xiaomi MI2...
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Picture – Mass production of 28-nanometer quad-core phone Xiaomi MI2 smartphone

Android celebrate its birthday on the same day, we also get a The domestic smartphone – Xiaomi smartphone production equipped with a depth customized...
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50,000 unit Xiaomi MI2 sold on 2 minutes 51 second

Xiaomi as one of manufacturer from China, has been sale Xiaomi MI2 smartphone. And, like other Android phones from Xiaomi, Xiaomi MI2 is also...
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Xiaomi release 50,000 unit Xiaomi smartphone today

After we’ve telling you before, today Xiaomi has been released 50,000 unit Xiaomi MI2 smartphone. This is first round for official sale from Xiaomi...