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Xiaomi Phone 2
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The new Xiaomi 2 white version with black back panel exposure

The Xiaomi 2 smartphone has been introduce to the market in mid-August 2012, and now there is the new information from Xiaomi website that...
Xiaomi Phone 2
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Xiaomi Phone 2 launched on January 26th for only $321 USD

After we have heard the rumor about Xiaomi Phone 2 availability before, is now we have got the real news abot the launching of...
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Newman N2 vs Xiaomi Mi2, Which is the Best Cost-effective Quad-core Phone?

Xiaomi phone 2 is the first quad-core phone made by Chinese factory, it is hottest phone in whole last year in China. But a...
Xiaomi Phone 2-tw-hk
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Xiaomi Phone 2 will soon visit Taiwan and Hong Kong

Having so far only available in China, Xiaomi reported will soon spread their product outside the China. This is evident from the information on...
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Getting closer with the Xiaomi Phone 2 (Mi2) smartphone

While we are getting closer to launch of the new Xiaomi Phone 2 smartphone on mid-October, the Chinese based website, micgadget has been getting...
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Compare Test: iPhone 5 vs Xiaomi MI2

All we know about Apple iPhone 5 has been launched to the market, and one of gadget website based in CHina, PC Online has...
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Xiaomi Phone 2 (Mi2) Benchmark Score Higher Than Samsung Galaxy S III

   Benchmark testing is most professional comparation with other competitor phones, so how about the new Xiaomi Mi2 phone bechmark score? The quad-core Xiaomi...
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Xiaomi Phone 2 Teardown

Although Xiaomi Phone 2 to wait until mid-October to the launch, but there have been a small number of users and the media to get the engineering...
Xiaomi0MI2-future price
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Xiaomi Phone 2 Engineering Phone Will Launch At September 22

Xiaomi phone 2 owns highest level hardware and latest Android operating system, the most important, Xiaomi give it a unbelieveable low price. Now, there...
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Xiaomi M1S Phone Hands-on (Video)

Xiaomi M1S is upgraded from Xiaomi M1 phone, it built-in new 1.7GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor, improved rear 8MP camera, and added 2MP front camera.