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Xiaomi RedMi Note pre-order
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G LTE Sold Out Within the First 35 Seconds of Release!

They say that any press is good press, and it has certainly rung true; particularly for the quickly escalating Xiaomi company; a popular Chinese-based...
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Update for MIUI V6 will be available for Xiaomi for Mi2 and Mi2S this week

Xiaomi is considering to release an update for its smartphones Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi 2S during this week. The update version is MIUI v.6....
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The truth about Xiaomi and Antutu

Although a lot of companies use the Antutu benchmark test, many in the industry have doubts about the way it tests the companies’ devices,...
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Huawei vs. Xiaomi, ZTE loses

Huawei is a big enterprise with access to powerful technology while Xiaomi is better at marketing with a long and amazing background. Both are...

My Friend Became Weird After he Bought Xiaomi Mi4

  1 He check Antutu Benchmark everyday and force us to run AntutuBenchmark tests to check  our scores. 2 He likes to compare the...
Guophone G550
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Xiaomi gives tough fight to Samsung and Motorola

India- Xiaomi Mi3 sale, the first smartphone by the manufacturer, seems to be few in numbers as the statistics suggest, in a month, but...
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The Xiaomi Global Vice President, Hugo Barra, clarifies privacy concerns, explaining how Mi Cloud uses User Data

The fastly growing Chinese Company Xiaomi will make the cloud messaging service an opt-in service instead of automatic one. This step was taken after...
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Snapshot of MIUI 6 OS, shows flat icons and immersive status bar

Only four days left until Xiaomi formally launches the MIUI 6 and the China Unicom and China Telecom versions of the Mi 3 and...
zooz s5.5 redmi note
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ZOOZ S5.5 Hands On: Save Money On Redmi Note

Xiaomi Redmi Note is one of hottest octa-core smartphones with MTK MT6592 processor, in China, there is lots of clones. ZOOZ S5.5 maybe is...

Xiaomi MiBox Can Only Be Used in Mainland? Xiaomi Once Pledged To Tackled the Problem in March

Recently, net users reflected that MiBox bought in China couldn’t get recognized by iCNTV in foreign countries. It caused its inability in using any...