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Xiaomi RedMi Pink and Yellow version is exposure

The phone color cover is becoming the selling point for some manufacturer, since Nokia is offers colorfull Lumia smartphone, all Windows Phone device is...
RedMi Note-01
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Review: Xiaomi RedMi Note packs with 5.5 inch screen size

Today, many smartphone manufaturer is entering the big war, sine they offers the more poerfull smartphone with more nice features but they also offers...
Huawei Honor Price Drop
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Huawei Honor is ready to compete with Xiaomi for their price

While Xiaomi has been drop the price of the high-end RedMi Note devices, is now Huawei is also making the new move against to...
Redmi Note -price drop
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Xiaomi is now offers RedMi Note for only 799 yuan ($128 USD)

Xiaomi is making the big move through the RedMi Note, the new high-end version of RedMi Note smartphone is now offers with only 799...
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Xiaomi RedMi Note price is exposure for 1199 yuan ($192 USD)

Xiaomi is ready to release the new RedMi Note at March 19th, at 20:00 (Chinese local time), they will unveiled their new products,including RedMi...
RedMi Note-01
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RedMi Note appear with more 28,000 score point in benchmark

According to a recent rumors, Xiaomi is preparing their launching event on march 19th, while the sales will be available in March 26th.
RedMi Note-01
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RedMi Note, the new phablet phone from Xiaomi

After we’re heard many news about the upcoming RedMi smartphone, the phone is also called as RedMi 2, but the Xiaomi is officially renamed...
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Xiaomi Mi3S is rumored to have more nice design and smaller than Mi3

While for now, Xiaomi has planning to unveiled their new Android smartphone on April 9th, the phone is the upgrade version from Xiaomi Mi3...
Xaomi Note-01
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Redmi Note appear with 5,5 inch screen size and true octa-core processor

While we are waiting for the launching of next-generation of Xiaomi Redmi smartphone, earlier today we found the tweet from Xiaomi official microblogging account...
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Xiaomi MIUI ROM for tablet will be adopt by Nexus 7 tablet

While for now, Xiaomi is not released their own Xiaomi tablet device, while we are waiting the upcoming Xiaomi MiPad that ready to release...