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Xiaomi Mi3-01
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How to Play rmvb, avi, flv, mkv, mov and mp4 on Xiaomi Mi 3

If you’re finding it awkward to play many formats of video file on your Xiaomi Mi 3, don’t despair, here are a list of...
Xiaomi Lei Jun on stage
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Xiaomi hit Indian market through Flipkart

Xiaomi is now heading to India, the company is ready to hit more global market since they successfully hits Singapore and Malaysian market. The...
Xiaomi iMage Example Exposure
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The example of Xiaomi Mi4 camera picture is exposure

While for now, Xiaomi is rumored to release their new flagship smartphone, Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone, and now we found the exposure of example picture...
Xiaomi RedMi Note back pre-order
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10 thousand unit of Xiaomi RedMi Note is sold less than 1 second in Taiwan

Xiaomi is always sold very fast, and now Xiaomi RedMi Note has been got the new phenomenon in Taiwan since the 10 thousand unit...
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Xiaomi Whatsapp contacts issue solved.

It is being reported that there is a problem with the Whatsapp application on Xiaomi phones, where the contacts are not listed where they...
Xiaomi Lin Bin Hugo Barra
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Xiaomi’s ambitions for world top three

Xiaomi has plans to become one of China’s top three e-commerce companies over the next few years, according to founder and President Lin Bin....
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Xiaomi Mi Pad to be released 1st July in China.

Xiaomi have once again surprised everybody by announcing their foray into the tablet market with the release of the Mi Pad. An impressive device...
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Xiaomi Redmi Note due for release across Honk Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

There are plans to roll out the Xiaomi Redmi Note across Honk Kong, Malaysia and Singapore over the next month. The Note version is...
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Xiaomi 4K Smart TV with Broadcom 5G, a perfect solution.

  Considering the powerful handheld devices available these days, it is strange that it has taken so long for the streaming capabilities of the...
Xiaomi MiPad Tablet
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Xiaomi MiPad tablet is heading to market on July 1st

Back on May, Xiaomi has launch their first tablet device Xiaomi MiPad tablet, the Xiaomi Mipad tablet is ready to sold in Chinese market on July...