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The picture of ZTE U5S HD for China Unicom

Before now, we found that the new ZTE Memo 5S is coming as the popular products in Chinese market, ZTE is now has the...
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ZTE and Huston Rockets NBA team make partnership agreement

The one of Chinese smartphone manufacturer, ZTE, have signed a partnership agreement with Hustone Rockets as the NBA basketball team, this agreement making the...
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ZTE Grand S and ZTE Nubia 5 available on US market starting October 5th

ZTE smartphone is now becoming more popular, thats why this phone is now avilable in global market, including USA market and Europe market. Is...
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The official picture of ZTE Grand X Quad has been leak

Back in January this year, we have covered the news about ZTE V987 Quad-core smartphone, this phone is now apparently got the official name...
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ZTE Grand S and ZTE Grand Memo heading to market on March 28th

ZTE has been showing their latest flagship smartphone on Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress (MWC), the two devices is ZTE Grand...
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ZTE Grand S Pricing $775 In China, No Contract

  ZTE Grand S is the thinnest 5-inch quad-core phone worldwide, the ZTE’s flagship phone was unveiled on CES 2013 a few weeks ago,...
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Phablet device parade: 5 inch and 1080p display screen

The phablet (phone+tablet) refers to the smartphone with big screen size range of 4.6 inches  to 5.5 inches, thats size is refer between phones...
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ZTE Grand S is the fastest smartphone on benchmark test

At CES 2013 some smartphone vendor decided to release their latest mobile phones, but others seem to wait until the right moment. Sony is...
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ZTE Grand S Official Launched: The Thinnest 5-inch 1080P Android Phone, Only 6.9mm

As the former news, ZTE Grand S official unveiled on CES 2013. It refreshed the thinnest 5-inch 1080P phone’s record, give us surprise on...
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ZTE Grand S, the world’s thinnest quad-core smartphone exposure

Recent years, with the rise of the mobile Internet, Android smart terminal has also been rapid development, the rapid rise of the domestic mobile...