Xiaomi Executives Streak to Celebrate World Record Sale

by Martin 3

At the conclusion of the Xiaomi “Fan Festival Sale” the company was able to sell over 2.11 million units in a span of only 12 hours netting a total sales amount of over 2.08 billion Yuan and earning the company a Guinness World Record for most smartphone sales in 24 hours on a single platform.


Because of this the company’s executives celebrated the momentous occasion by streaking on the streets Beijing. The unusual celebration was participated by executives from each of the company’s departments and were all led by none other than the company’s President, Lin Bin.

Before the “Fan Festival Sale” began, Lin Bin stated that if the company’s total phone sales exceeded 200 million units they would go streaking to celebrate. The company officially breached the 200 million mark recently and with the addition of this new world record the streaking celebration became inevitable.

During the “Fan Festival Sale”, the company also sold thousands upon thousands of other products including over 38 thousand TVs, almost 80 thousand Mi Routers, over 200 thousand Power Strips, over 400 thousand Powerbanks, over 300 thousand Piston earphones, over 200 thousand Mi Bands, and over 3 million Air Purifiers.

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