New Patent Applications Point to Bezel-less Joint Coolpad-Qihoo 360 Smartphone

by Martin 0

While it’s been previously reported that Coolpad and Qihoo 360 are working together on a new smartphone, a newly leaked patent application by Coolpad reveals that the new device could feature a bezel-less design.


The information comes from an image leaked from the website of China’s State Intellectual Property Office. It shows Coolpad’s patent application and details an application for a device with a borderless/bezel-less screen design. Other than the information on the screen’s design, no other information on the jointly developed device was revealed including the device’s specifications nor overall design.

Bezel-less designs have been the growing trend in smartphones this year as the design can make the device narrower, make the screen look larger, and the overall device look better. One recent example of a smartphone featuring the trendy look is the upcoming Huawei P8 which, based on leaked images, sports a slim and narrow body due to its bezel-less design.