The Be Touch is Ulefone’s New 3GB RAM Smartphone, Images Leaked

by Martin 0

Yesterday, Ulefone teased a new smartphone that will feature 3GB of RAM which the company plans to officially announce at the end of April. Today, the name of the upcoming smartphone, the Ulefone Be Touch, as well as images of the said smartphone have been leaked.

ulefone-tease-leak-phone-3gb-01Looking at the leaked images, the Be Touch looks a lot like the iPhone 6 with its metal body and rounded edges and corners. In fact, two of the three leaked images show the Be Touch with an iPhone 6 and display how similar they are in design.

Other than the name and images, it was also confirmed that the Be Touch will indeed sport 3GB of RAM along with a 64-bit processor. Having 3GB of RAM will allow the Be Touch to run more apps both in the forefront and in the background at the same time without compromising in performance.

It’s said that the key to iOS’s smooth UI is its ability to automatically close unnecessary background apps and functions to increase overall performance. With 3GB of RAM, the Be Touch will be able to reach the same smooth performance without the need for closing unnecessary apps or functions.

The rest of the Be Touch’s specifications and features are still unknown but with the end of  April drawing near, the expected reveal of the Be Touch shouldn’t be far off.


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