Huawei Responds to ZTE Nubia Patent Infringement Claims

by Martin 0

Huawei has responded to the recent allegations of patent infringement made by ZTE Nubia. The allegations pertain to Huawei using two of ZTE’s patented camera technology in the Honor X2 and possibly the P8.


Earlier today, ZTE Nubia, on their Weibo page, announced that the company was suing Huawei for patent infringement and the company published letters from its lawyers that were sent to Huawei and, in response, Huawei has issued a statement to address the whole ordeal saying that Slow Shutter and Capture, one of the two patents ZTE is suing them for, is part of basic photography techniques and different manufacturers may take different technological approaches to implement achieve the technique.

Huawei also mentioned in their statement that the Honor X2 and P8 use technology that Huawei has developed themselves and that the company has actually currently applied for patents for them. Additionally, the company has said that they have “consistently advocated the protection of intellectual property” as well as a “commitment to build a fair and healthy business environment.” Lastly, the company said that while they “attach great importance to the protection of their intellectual property”, they also have “great respect for the intellectual property of others.”

Whether this case reaches court or not is unknown but hopefully both groups can reach a peaceful settlement.