AllWinner Shows Off Its New Range of Chipsets

by Martin 1

AllWinner Technology has been relatively quiet in the past few years mainly due to the sharply deteriorating tablet market as well as issues with their last few chipset releases. But this year, the company has made some dramatic changes and has begun branching out from making chipsets for tablet to making chipsets for other industries as well including entertainment, automotive, surveillance, and others. The company showcased a few of their new technologies at the recent Hong Kong Spring Fair which is counted as the most influential electronics show in the Asia Pacific region.

allwinner-newchipsets-01The changes don’t mean the company has completely abandoned their tablet market as the company has recently showcased its first 64-bit processor called the A64 which utilizes an ARM-based Cortex-A53 quad-core processor. The new chipset supports H.265/H.264 video hardware decoding, 4K HDMI display output, and comes at an unbelievably cheap price of $5.

allwinner-newchipsets-02At the expo, the company showcased a tablet prototype that utilized the new A64 chipset. The prototype featured a 9.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and ran on Android 5.0. According to reports from the show, the prototype with the new A64 chipset was able to achieve a cold boot-up time of only 9.9 seconds.

allwinner-newchipsets-03The company also revealed a prototype based on the company’s new octa-core chipset called the A83 which supports the company’s second-generation SmartColor display technology as well as an impressive low power consumption of only 2.3mA at idle. Lastly, the company showed of a third chipset called the A33 which is a quad-core chipset for tablets with support for 4G LTE.

allwinner-newchipsets-04One of the many new industries that Allwinner is hoping to do well in is entertainment, more specifically OTT (over-the-top)/set-top TV boxes. While it won’t be the company’s first foray into the industry (they released an OTT Box H8 octa-core chipset in 2014), the company seems to be putting more resources into it now especially since video decoding technology has been one of the company’s strengths.. At the Hong Kong Spring Fair, the company showed off its new quad-core H3 chipset as well as a 64-bit H64 OTT Box chipset which features a quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU.

allwinner-newchipsets-09The company has also seen potential in the automotive industry with their A20/23 chipsets doing relatively well back in 2014. Now the company has released new chipsets dedicated for automotive products such as its new V3 chipset for automobile digital tachographs and similar products. The new chipset can support dual H.264 HD video (front camera [email protected] and rear camera [email protected]). At the fair, the company showed off a digital rearview mirror with camera prototype which used the V3 and could support touch and voice controls. The company also showed off a cheaper V3S chipset along with a Car DVR prototype which could support [email protected] recording.

allwinner-newchipsets-05Additionally, the V3 chipset can also be utilized by action/sports cameras similar to the GoPro. Allwinner showed of a 16-megapixel action camera prototype which the company said could be priced at less than $300.

allwinner-newchipsets-06Lastly, Allwinner also showed off its new T2 and T8 chipsets for in-car entertainment and control systems. The T2 utilizes a dual-core Cortex-A7 processor while the T8 uses an octa-core Cortex-A7 CPU coupled with a SGX544 GPU. Other than its entertainment features, the T8 can support up to [email protected] video, full HD DVR video surveillance, and Advanced Driver Assistance functions.

allwinner-newchipsets-07The company also showed off a range of security product prototypes based on their new chipsets including IP cameras, intelligent access control systems, IoT products, Smart WiFi speakers, and many more. Reports have stated that the company is already in talks with manufacturers to use its new chipsets and that these new products will be revealed soon.