Blackview Hero 1 Sports Camera vs SJCAM SJ5000 Plus Sports Camera

by Martin 1

Sports or action cameras seem to be the next big thing in video capture and photography so it isn’t a surprise that a large number of manufacturers are trying to come out with their own cameras. The SJ5000 Plus from SJCAM and the recently announced Hero 1 from Blackview are just two good examples of quality action cameras at very affordable prices. We compare these two cameras to see which one would be the better one for you.



Both the Hero 1 from Blackview and the SJ5000 Plus from SJCAM feature similar designs with their lenses mounted on the front-right of the device and a power/mode button on the front-left, ports and slots (HDMI out, USB, SD card) on the right-hand side, up/down buttons on the left-hand side, a REC button and LED notification light on top, and LCD screens on the rear of the devices. The only real differences between the designs of both devices is the location of the WiFi sync buttons which can be found on the front of the device on the Hero 1 and the left-hand side of the SJ5000 Plus.

The SJ5000 Plus is also available in seven colors (white, black, red, blue, silver, gold, and yellow) while the Hero 1 is only available in white. The Hero 1 makes up for the lack of variety by being slightly smaller and being equipped with a larger 2-inch LCD screen compared to the SJ5000 Plus’s 1.5-inch screen. Both devices’ screens feature display resolutions of 960 x 240 pixels.


Both devices comes with similar features including WiFi connectivity to iOS and Android devices, 30-meter water resistance, multiple capture modes, a microphone, a speaker, HDMI output, AV output via USB, and both are powered by an Ambarella A7LS75 chipset. But Hero 1 beats in SJ5000 Plus in both the battery and storage department with its larger battery (1050mAh vs 900mAh) and better support for SD cards (up to 64GB vs 32GB).

Lens & Image Sensor

The lens and image sensor are where the Hero 1 and SJ5000 Plus differ the most. The Hero 1 features a Sony IMX206 sensor while the SJ5000 Plus comes with a Panasonic MN34120PA. Both sensors are the same size at 1/2.3-inches and are both 16-megapixels. The Hero 1 though features a wider-angle lens with a higher aperture of f/2.0 compared to the f/2.8 of the SJ5000 Plus.


As for the bundled and included accessories of each camera, the Blackview Hero 1 comes with more accessories than the SJCAM SJ5000 Plus. To be specific, the Hero 1 comes with more mounts and includes an AC adapter for charging while the SJ5000 Plus does not.


While both cameras seem to be very similar, the Hero 1 from Blackview clearly has a few advantages over the SJCAM SJ5000 Plus including a larger screen, better battery life, larger storage support, and a better lens, to say a few. While this isn’t to say that the SJ5000 Plus is a bad camera as both cameras are good choices for affordable sports cameras, but the Hero 1 would be the better option based on these comparisons.