Blackview Hero 1 Sports Camera vs Xiaomi YI Sports Camera

by Martin 1

Xiaomi and Blackview are both newcomers in the action camera industry with both companies launching their sports cameras just this year. Xiaomi launched their Yi camera last March while Blackview unveiled the Hero 1 earlier this week. In line with this, we’ve decided to compare both sports cameras to see which of the new entries in the industry is better in terms of features, specifications, and value.



Looking at both cameras, it’s clear that Xiaomi have decided to go with a simpler design and construction with the Yi compared to the Hero 1 of Blackview. The Xiaomi Yi features only three buttons throughout the device – a power/mode button, a REC button, and a WiFi sync button – while the Blackview Hero 1 features an extra two for up and down controls. The Yi is also missing an LCD screen while the Hero 1 is equipped with 2-inch screen. The Yi does come in two color options – white and yellow/green – and features a more playful design compared to the single white color option and more conventional look of the Hero 1.


When it comes to features, both cameras are in some ways similar but the Xiaomi Yi has a few things the Hero 1 doesn’t. While both cameras feature WiFi connectivity, multiple shooting modes, HDMI out, AV out via USB, support for up to 64GB SD cards, and are powered by a Ambarella A7LS75 chipset, the Xiaomi Yi also has a 2-channel microphone (the Hero 1’s microphone is mono only) with 3D noise reduction, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, a larger battery (1100mAh vs 1050mah), and built-in water resistance of up to 40 meters (the Blackview requires waterproof case and only up to 30 meters).

Lens & Image Sensor

While both the Xioami Yi and Blackview Hero 1 feature a wide-angle lens, the Hero 1’s lens has a wider aperture of f/2.0 compared to the f/2.8 of the Yi’s lens but the Xiaomi Yi makes up for this with its newer sensor, the Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor. The Hero 1, while newly launched, uses an older Sony IMX206 image sensor. While both sensors are 16-megapixels, the one in the Xiaomi Yi is newer and inherently more powerful than the one in the Hero 1.


This is where the Blackview Hero 1 has a clear advantage as Xiaomi has decided to only include a USB cable and, in some bundles, a monopod with the Xiaomi Yi while Blackview has included a slew of accessories with the Hero 1 including a large number of mounts and adapters, a waterproof case, an AC adapter, and slew of other accessories.


It’s hard to decide which sports camera is better in this match-up as each has its own strengths. The Xiaomi Yi has more internal features and a better sensor while the Blackview Hero 1 provides more value with its LCD screen, speakers, and large amount of included accessories. In the end, it all comes down to whether you want a bang-for-the-buck sports camera in the Blackview Hero 1 or a possibly better performing but ultimately more expensive camera in the Xiaomi Yi.