More Images of the Oppo R7 Leaked

by Martin 0

As the now officially announced launch of the Oppo R7 next month draws near, more and more images and information on the phone are slowly getting leaked or released one by one. Today, another set of promotional images of the R7 have been leaked which gives us another look at the device’s curved edge glass front-panel and super-thin rounded-edge body.

oppo-r7-more-images-leaked-01Looking at the leaked images, the Oppo R7 evidently has a really strong resemblance to the iPhone 6 including the curved-edge glass front-panel which Oppo calls a 2.5D effect and the rounded-edge full metal body. It even has the two rows of holes on the bottom of the device. The only big difference would be the bottom bezel where a more rectangular home button can be found as opposed to a round one found on the iPhone 6. Two capacitive touch buttons can also be found on either side of the home button.

As for the R7’s other bezels, it’s been previously said that the device will feature a bezel-less design but according to recently released pictures of the R7, the phone does feature bezels on the side of its screen although extremely thin ones which is also impressive in its own right. It’s also been said that the device will feature built-in fingerprint recognition but it hasn’t been confirmed whether the home button or another part of the device will act as the device’s fingerprint sensor.

Although it has been confirmed that the Oppo R7 will also feature a 4.7-inch 1080p screen, a MediaTek Helio X10 (MT6795) processor, a 20.7-megapixel rear camera, and Oppo’s VOOC flash charging technology. The Oppo R7 will be officially unveiled sometime in May according to a recent announcement by the company. More information on the device should begin coming out as we draw closer to its release.

oppo-r7-more-images-leaked-02 oppo-r7-more-images-leaked-03