Nubia Z9 Launch Invitations Sent, Comes with Glass Panel

by Martin 0

Invitations for the launch of the upcoming Nubia Z9 have been sent out by the company for the device’s launch on May 9 at the Beijing Water Cube. What’s interesting with this invitation is that the company sent a sample of the glass panel that will be found on the Nubia Z9.


The glass panel, which is expected to cover the whole front of the Nubia Z9 including its rumored 5.2-inch screen, features a peculiar size ratio with a length of 144.6mm and a width of 65.7mm which makes it unusually narrow. This could mean that the Nubia Z9 could feature an almost bezel-less design so that the screen goes all the way to the edge of the device’s frame. In comparison, the iPhone 6, which has a 4.7-inch screen, features a much wider front glass panel measuring 67mm.

Additionally, the box used for the invitation looks very similar to the packaging of the company’s Z9 Max so it can be expected that the Z9 will also be using the same design for the device’s actual packaging when it’s released.

This isn’t the first time a company has sent a sample of one of their upcoming device’s components. Other companies have previously sent samples of their device’s rear panels, glass panels, and even rear camera lenses.

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